Scratch Removal Complete Kit

Everything you need to remove scratches from paintwork

No matter how careful you are, scratches and swirls will occur. If they are too deep to remove with Super Resin Polish, a new approach is required, and that is where the Scratch Removal Complete Kit comes in. Scratch Remover has been carefully blended to achieve the optimum balance of deep cut with a high gloss finish.

Important: Unfortunately not all scratches can be removed completely. If a scratch is too deep to remove by hand, its appearance can still be vastly improved but it may require professional rectification for complete repair.



  • 100ml Scratch Remover
  • 100ml Super Resin Polish
  • Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth
  • Scratch Removal Applicator

How to use:

  1. Shake well and apply two pea-sized amounts of Scratch Remover to the white side of the foam waffle applicator.
  2. Using firm pressure, apply Scratch Remover using an up and down then side to side motion. Only use Scratch Remover on the affected area, avoiding the surrounding paintwork if possible.
  3. After 30 seconds it is important to check your progress. Apply more product and repeat as required.
  4. Once the scratch has been removed (or significantly improved) continue to work any remaining residue with a light pressure into the area for a glossy finish.
  5. Wipe away residue using a clean microfibre cloth.
  6. Once the scratch has been removed, complete the process by polishing the rest of the car with Super Resin Polish (included) to ensure a brilliant high gloss finish.  

Q: Is this product safe to use on all paint types i.e. matt or metallic?
A: Scratch Remover is safe to use on solid colour and metallic paints, but should not be used on matt or satin paintwork. If you are at all unsure please contact Autoglym for guidance.

Q: What is the difference between Scratch Remover and Paint Renovator?
A:  Autoglym Paint Renovator was originally developed to renovate paint that had oxidised, faded or aged. It was designed to work on larger panels rather than smaller scratches. It is less abrasive than Scratch Remover so is less effective at removing scratches that have penetrated the paintwork more than oxidisation. Scratch Remover has been designed specifically to remove scratches.

Q: Can the product be used on glass?
A:  The product has been designed for removal of scratches of car paintwork. It should not be used on glass or plastic substitutes.

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