Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit

Everything you need to clean and protect fabric convertible soft top hoods.

Regularly cleaning your soft top will keep green algae at bay and its original colour looking vibrant. Our Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit contains everything you need to clean and protect your mohair, double duck, fabric or canvas fabric hood. If you have a vinyl hood, clean thoroughly with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, then protect with Bumper & Trim Gel.

Wash the supplied sponges as required in clean, warm water and allow to air dry.

500ml Soft Top Cleaner, 500ml Soft Top Protector, 1 x cleaning sponge, 1 x Soft Top Protector applicator sponge

Soft Top Cleaner Usage Instructions:

Working out of direct sunlight, brush and vacuum the hood to remove any loose dirt.

Dampen the roof with water.

Shake Soft Top Cleaner well. Mix 250ml of Soft Top Cleaner solution with 500ml of water, in a suitable container.

Test on a small inconspicuous area for colourfastness.

Saturate the white cleaning sponge provided in the diluted product, start by concentrating on any stains or green algae first.

Continue by saturating the sponge and spreading the cleaner onto the fabric hood allowing even coverage (make sure you use the full contents of the container). Once an even coverage has been achieved start to work the chemical into the hood. If your hood is very dirty, cover with a plastic sheet and allow the cleaner to continue working overnight. Wipe away product runs from glass and paintwork with a damp microfibre.

Using a low-pressure hose, rinse off the Soft Top Cleaner until there is no cleaner left on the hood. Do not use a pressure washer to remove the cleaner. It is important that all the cleaner is removed before moving onto Soft Top Protector. Any remaining cleaner will affect the performance of the Soft Top Protector. Now, dry the vehicle leaving the soft top damp and move on to apply Soft Top Protector, reading the instructions carefully.


Soft Top Protector Usage Instructions:
Clean roof with Soft Top Cleaner and leave damp.

Rinse the blue Soft Top Protector applicator under a tap for a few seconds then squeeze until damp. (This will help activate the applicator)

Working out of direct sunlight, pour the Soft Top Protector onto the applicator and apply systematically to the hood to ensure even coverage, using approximately half of the bottle contents. Ensure the roof is evenly coated.

Remove any overspray from paintwork and glass immediately. We recommend using Fast Glass to remove overspray from glass.

Allow the protector to fully dry before driving. Store product at room temperature and do not allow to freeze.

What is the Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit? 

The Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit is a two-step kit with everything you need to complete a full clean and to add protection to your fabric hood. Each kit contains 2 applications.  

Should I apply Soft Top Protector to my convertible soft top when it is wet or dry? 

For best results, we would advise to apply the Soft Top Protector to your soft top when damp. Ensure you wipe away any over spray from glass or paintwork straight away and allow the soft top to dry. 

What types of soft top materials can I use this on? 

The Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit is ideal for use on mohair, double duck, fabric or canvas fabric hoods. 

How often should I use the Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit? 

Use the kit when a vacuum and plain water rise no longer cleans the hood sufficiently or when the hood no longer beads and repels water.

How long does the Soft Top Protector keep my soft top protected for? 

Durability is dependent on many factors, including weather, how well the proofer was applied, whether the vehicle is garaged etc. However, during testing we observed the hood will remain protected for more than three months.

Can I buy Soft Top Cleaner or Soft Top Protector individually? 

At present Soft Top Cleaner or Soft Top Protector are not available to purchase individually.

Soft Top Protector has dried on my paint work how can I remove this?   

If your paintwork is clean and dry, use Fast Glass on a soft Microfibre Cloth on the affected area.  Allow the Fast Glass to soften the residue before gently wiping away, do not rub.

I’ve used this according to instruction, but it has not removed all the stains? 

Soft Top Clean is effective at removing most types of soiling associated with soft tops, however aged or damaged soft tops can present an uneven finish which cannot be cleaned to improve.

For more stubborn soiling, allow plenty of dwell time. The cleaner can be left on overnight to provide a deeper intensive clean. We advise to cover the roof with plastic sheeting and secure (use a towel to weigh down or mask) this will prevent the product from drying out, use according to instruction and agitate (ensure a vigorous scrub to really work the product) with the sponge provided and spend a little longer on the problematic areas.

In the morning rehydrate with the cleaner and re-agitate and rinse thoroughly to ensure all residue is removed as this can also result in a patchy appearance if any residue from the cleaner is left on the surface. We would advise to rinse thoroughly using a low-pressure hose or watering can.

My roof is vinyl what can use instead? 

Wash with any Autoglym shampoo and protect with Bumper & Trim Gel. 

My roof is not repelling water after using the protector? 

The water beading effect is something that should be seen in light rain or morning dew however possible reasons that this would not occur would be if there is still surface contamination.

The effect also lessens and disappears in heavy rain as the water quantity becomes too great to be supported by the Protector.

However, once the hood has dried out the beading effect should return again with light rain.